Air safety

Greater Manchester’s first inflatable & trampoline park

In-flight safety

So is trampolining & inflatable play dangerous? It isn’t without its risks. However, you’re more likely to gain an injury from football, rugby, hockey or any other contact sport. The benefits to your health and happiness far outweigh the risks involved.

At AirVault we take your safety extremely seriously. Our safety policy keeps risk to an absolute minimum. We have a team of fully qualified first aiders on site at all times.

CCTV is used throughout AirVault for your protection and the protection of your belongings. This means that images are recorded and can be replayed to identify crime, acts of violence or dangerous behavior, should they occur. Before you attend your session, we ask that you watch our brief safety video, which is used to visually explain our rules. We understand that if you’re a returning bouncer, you may not wish to watch this again. However, like the safety video on an aeroplane, we request that you watch it again as a refresher.

Our rules are there to protect you and make sure that your experience at AirVault is super safe but ultimately, amazing fun.

Trampoline safety rules

  • All jumpers must have completed a signed waiver before jumping. Waivers are valid for 12 months
  • For jumpers under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must complete the waiver
  • Strictly one jumper per trampoline
  • An adult must accompany children under 13
  • Children must be 5 years and above to jump in the arena, with the exception of our AirTots sessions
  • Jumpers must wear trampoline grip socks on the trampoline court
  • No sitting or lying down on the trampolines
  • Do not use safety pads or netting to grab on to
  • Do not land on the orange coloured pads
  • Flips across pads are not permitted
  • Be aware of other jumpers and ensure your landing area is clear
  • No double bouncing (where you bounce someone else higher)
  • Jumpers must wear appropriate clothing at all times and the removal of shirts is not permitted
  • Know your skill level. Please do not attempt jumps beyond your ability
  • Ensure you land on your feet or your bum
  • Be aware of other jumpers. Ensure that you do not affect another jumper’s experience by jumping too close
  • No fighting, running or racing
  • Mobile phones cannot be taken onto the trampoline area and should be stored in our lockers whilst jumping
  • Ensure that all sharp objects, loose objects and jewellery are removed and stored in our lockers prior to jumping
  • No belts, buckles or studs to be worn whilst jumping
  • No food or drink is permitted on the trampoline court
  • Only food and drink bought on the premises can be consumed on the premises, with the exception of water bottles for fitness classes and baby food
  • In the unlikely event of the fire alarm sounding our trained staff will direct you to the nearest emergency exit. Once outside staff members will direct you to the fire alarm assembly point on the main car park

Inflatable safety rules

  • We strongly recommend wearing long sleeve tops and long trousers/leggings for girls
  • As with all slides there is a high risk of friction burns to exposed skin long sleeves and no shorts negates this
  • Ensure the slide run-off is clear before sliding
  • Feet first on slides crossing arms in front of you
  • No running,  pushing or rough play, report any bullying or abusive behaviour to a member of staff
  • Do not loiter part way though the obstacle course clear the area so others can play
  • Do not climb on the inflatable walls
  • Two at a time on the wide slide, one at a time on the two narrow slides
  • One at a time on the climbing wall
  • the high jump tower will be closed at off peak times when we have lower staffing level to ensure your safety
  • jumpers should ensure they land on bottom or back when jumping onto the airbag. do not land on feet