• very few January birthday party dates available - ask about mezz parties for older kids
  • UV Party 31st jan 6pm to 8pm £12 inc facepaint / glowsticks
  • want 2 hours - £15 for 2 hours of jump
  • Fitness class back on Tuesdays 7pm
  • monthly pass £30 1 hour session per day buy and book-in online

Inflatable and Trampoline Safety

So is trampolining and inflatable play dangerous? It isn’t without its risks. However, you’re more likely to gain an injury from football, rugby, hockey or any other contact sport than you are from trampolining or inflatable play. The benefits to your health and happiness far outweigh the risks involved.

At AirVault we take your safety extremely seriously. . We have a team of fully qualified first aiders on site at all times and we are constantly striving to improve or park and lower the risks.

CCTV is used throughout AirVault for your protection and the protection of your belongings. This means that images are recorded and can be replayed to identify crime, acts of violence or dangerous behaviour, should they occur. Before your session, we ask that you watch our brief safety video, which is used to visually explain our rules. We understand that if you’re a returning bouncer, you may not wish to watch this again. However, like the safety video on an aeroplane, we request that you watch it again as a refresher.

Our rules are there to protect you and make sure that your experience at AirVault is super safe but ultimately, amazing fun.

AirVault Safety Rules

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2 hours of fun including face painting and glow sticks £12 per person